Recipes for cookies date far into history and can first be traced to wafer like submstances. Cookies could travel long distances without going bad, but lacked that sweet flavor that we are accustomed to today. Origins actually put this treat into the 7th century of Persia. New of the cookie traveled fast and it sound started to develop and spready throughout Europe. Because travel was so fequent, cookie recipes popped up such as the jumble, a dessert made of water, nuts, and some form of sweetner like sugar.

Over time the cookie has developed into what it is doday. Sugar, butter, and a oil create the delicious treats we have come to love. Here are a few variations:

- Bar Cookies -- This recipe will called for a form of batter that is poured into a pan. Once baked, the cookies themselves are cut. This is very similar to making brownies

- Drop Cookies - Probably the most famous of recipes and invludes taking dough and a spoon and dishing droplets onto a  cooking sheet. While baking the dough flattens down to form the perfect circle.

- Molded Cookies -- Very similar to drop cookies, but the dough is harder. A good example of this would be snickerdoodle.

- Rolled Cookies -- If you ever had a gingerbread man, you will have experienced a rolled cookie recipe

One of the most popular desserts in th world is the chocolate chip cooking. With the same basic recipe instructions for making a cookie, the fun comes in with what type of chocolate you would want. Depending on this ingredient can also fluctuate the cooking times so always consult a recipe guide.
A quick history lesson on the cookie.

A cookie is considered a recipe made of flour, eggs, sugar, and some form of fat that is baked into a small flat treat. Outside of the U.S, many peope consider the cookie a biscuit although that would be a form of bread here. In rare cases you may even see the cookie called a cupcake.

You will most noticably recognize the cookie recipe to be baking this declious treat until it crisps up. Depending all what the recipe calls for, you may see ingredients such as chocolate, peanut butter, nuts, sugars, or spices. Either way, the cookie is one of the most popular desserts both in households and even restaurants. Take a look below at some of the best cookie recipes on the market.
The cookie recipe actually derived from cakes. When water is no longer used for mixture purposes, the cookie is formed over the cake. These days, most cookie recipes call for an oil along with butter, eggs, and ingredients like chocolate chips for flavor. The vaporation of oil over water at high temps allows for the denser consistancy one would want.

Cookie Recipe